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This is the official egg-site of Charley chicken, the Serious Fowl . . . a friend with a feather for every kind of weather. (Click here to become Charley Chicken's friend.) You can read, play or crack eggs and crack jokes with other fowl fans without leaving your own coop.

charley chicken's 'hood: koklokrom

Charley Chicken lives in a neat little town called Koklokrom. The air is so fresh and there is no rubbish lying around. There's a big lake near Koklokrom and Charley Chicken and his friends like splashing around there. There's also a stadium and an airfield and a railway track also runs through Koklokrom.Click here to go find out moreabout Charley Chickens town and how you can make your neighbourhood as nice as Koklokrom. You can even get your own little coop in Koklokrom!
a place where aeroplanes can land and take off

meet charley chicken and friends

Charley Chicken

He's the freakiest fowl that you could ever meet. His full name is Charley Koku O'Kuko Chicken and he's a friend for all. Charley Chicken has feathers but he says he is not a chicken. "After all,"  as he says, "how many chickens do you know that can read and write?" Charley Chicken is one of the best friends you could have!

Sir Basil

Sir Basil was one of Charley Chicken’s early ancestors. Basil was an adventurer and discoverer, who led an exciting though brief life. Being born with big brains, he is famous for many famous innovations and finding new ways for Chickenkind to do old things. Sir Basil was the first and last son of the Great Original Rooster, and the whole Charley Chicken family is descended from him.

Old Blue Cock & Spring Chicken

Old Blue Cock was so used to staying by himself. Now his worst nightmare was coming true. He was going to have a house-guest. Not just a guest, his nephew, Spring Chicken was coming to live with him! Hmmmph! Old Blue was quite upset. "Just for a few months..." they said!"Dear Springie is not too much trouble, apart from his wild sense of humour". Old Blue just thought to himself that if "Dear Springie" played any of those alarming practical jokes, he'd send him back to his own house, whether his parents had returned from their eggs-pedition or not ...

Oga Akuko

"Ay Oga"! "I beg don't come give me wahala here o!" Charley Chicken had a cousin called Oga Akuko, because he called everyone else "Oga" himself. Oga Akuko also said he was from Faraway like GeeKnee Fowl, but it was the other side of Faraway from where GeeKnee came from. Even if he was very plain-spoken and quite loud Oga Akuko is a very pleasant person when you get to know him. Charley Chicken was looking forward to taking Oga up on his offer to take Charley Chicken to visit his Faraway home.

what you'll discover on this egg-site

. . . and of course, there's poppycock

Professor Poppycock is a wise old bird that thinks it's good to know everything under the sun. Poppycock is happiest when he has a difficult puzzle or some twisted riddle to solve.
When some frightened fowl was running around telling everyone that the sky would fall on our heads, it was Professor Poppycock who finally calmed everyfowl down. He explained how the sky falls on our heads every minute of every day, but that it doesn't hurt one bit.
On this egg-site, Professor Poppycock pops up himself once in a while to remind us to never stop learning, even when we are not in school...but if you just can't wait for the Professor to pop up, just click here and you can help Poppycock with his riddles and puzzles and other brain-twisters!

mama hen's good egg-samples for better living

The fowl that goes to bed with dirty claws...
... wakes up with a muddy nest.
easily pictured in your mind
to share an idea with others
Charley Chicken will always remember how his mother Mama Henrietta always comes up with something to say to teach him new ideas in interesting ways. When Charley Chicken told Professor Poppycock about this, the good ol' Professor suggested that someone should be writing down Mama Hen's wise sayings since they were so "picture-eggs" ... at least that's what Charley thought he said, and it kind of made sense to have an idea hatch out of a picture ...or? Anyway, you can click on the left-and-right arrows up there to see more of Mama Hen's picturesque advice

Chicken on Paper Plates

The Charley Chicken comic has 20 richly-coloured pages of lovely pictures and other nice ideas to put into your head. When you get your own copy, there is a poster you can take out and put on your wall. in this first issue, Charley decides to go on a picnic, drink some corn juice, then just lie back and watch the clouds rolling by ... for those days you can't go online or get to Charley Chicken's official egg-site ... and also because there is a lot in there which may not be on this site.if you can't find it to buy anywhere, click on the picture above and you will find out how we can send one to you at school or at home.

. . . and a bad egg-sample

Some of Charley Chicken's friends are not as nice as Charley Chicken. Meet Gbevu, the bush dog. Gbevu is very sneaky and loves "sharing" what does not belong to him. After you meet him and shake his, er, paw, you should count your fingers to make sure that all six of your fingers are still there (if you count and get only five fingers, Gbevu has probably snatched one already!) People like Gbevu make it very important to learn how to read properly—and carefully, too! You can click here to find out more about this rogue.