Meet another friend of Charley Chicken

GrandPa Kokloga

Grandpa Kokloga was a Furious Fighting Fowl when he was young and strong, and stood tall when Koklokrom was in danger. With his fiery red comb hanging about his head, some called him the Fighting Roosterfarian but he had a few other nicknames. His terrified enemies called him the Crowing Swooper because of his blood-curdling war-cry as he flew into battle. Legend has it that he once faced a tiger . . . but jealous KakaLika says it was not a tiger but merely a big cat. Even in his old age GrandPa Kokloga is dry but spry. Grandpa is Charley Chicken's hero forever! Charley Chicken goes to Grandpa Kokloga for advice about anything and everything