Backyard Gardening
Join Charley Chicken and friends in the joy of eating what you grow and growing what you eat.
Charley Chicken
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Koku Dotse
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Did you know we get a lot of our food from plants? Oh yes! I’m sure you like roasted corn. I want to show you how you can get your own corn from your own house. Yes Sir! Kpucock! It’s easy, when you have your own backyard garden! There are many kinds of food plants that will grow in your back-yard.

Like onions, and tomatoes and pepper and lettuce and carrots and groundnuts….

You see, apart from meat and fish, we get almost all our food from plants. The more you plant, the more food you have.

Planting is really easy and it’s like magic. All you have to do is dig up the ground so it becomes nice and soft enough for a baby plant. Then, you just put a seed in the ground and start watering it little by little, and voila! The sun and the earth will do the rest of the work! A baby plant will sprout out of the seed and grow into a plant that will give you food to eat. That’s a sure promise that has been kept since forever and forever!

Yes my little farm friends. A little work and a little fun for a lot of food and it’s all free.

So you see, I’m getting my vegetables from my own back-yard? Yes, Ock-ock, yes! I believe in backyard gardening! Backyard gardening is really a great way to grow your own food yourself!

It makes things easy to have tomatoes and fresh lettuce and fresh corn from your own backyard. Nothing tastes better than something that you planted yourself.

[Show Charlie drooling over different foods and fruits]

Bananas, Oranges, tangerines and pineapples,

Sugarcane and mangoes and sweet apples

You can enjoy those fruits if you help with the roots

Take off your suits and put on your boots

If you like beans, you can plant beans

So you can eat yo ke gari by any means

Plant some pepper seeds, plant a tomato seed,

water and sunshine is all that they need

then just wait a little, and you’ll soon find

you have more kpaposhito then you can grind

Plant some corn seeds for your backyard banku

Plant some plantain for more kelewele