All about small
You may have heard of a bird's-eye view but can you imagine seeing things from an ant's view?
Afrik Ants

You may have heard of a bird's-eye view but can you imagine seeing things from an ant's view? Many people encourage us to "think big" which really means you should look on the bright side of things and expect everything will go well so that what you are hoping for becomes real.So yes! I t is great to think big. But this story is going to make you think small. Why would anyone want to think small? Because big things are made up of small things! Without small things there would be no big things. So don't think so big that you forget to think small.

Afrikants United
Rodius Rex
Date Published

Charley Chicken and his friends are big people. Now, when I say "big people", I don't mean people who think they are the most important people around town. Have you ever heard those kinds of people asking: "do you know who I am?" You should really feel sorry for that type of "big people" because their heads have gotten so big that they have forgotten who they are! Otherwise why, really, would they be asking you if you know who they are?

When you come across such “forgetful” people, what you should do is to politely tell them that they look like a fowl you know called Charley Chicken, but you can't be sure because it looks like they are missing some feathers...

And since we are talking about that kind of people we should also remember the ones who ask "do you know me? ... do you know me?" These people have a slightly different problem. You know how some people can never remember your name? Well, these "big" people have a memory so bad that they have given up on remembering even your face, and now it is up to you to remind yourself whether you know them or not! Since their illness is different, they should be given a different remedy.

The proper way to address their question is to introduce yourself first, if you are a boy and they are girls or women. If however you are a girl and they are men, remind them that the man must introduce himself first. If you are both boys or both girls, it is always polite to introduce yourself first. But make sure you don't tell them where you live. Remember, Gbevu is always waiting!

Anyway, those are not even the kind of big people I am talking about. This is the real "big" I am talking about. I mean, Charley Chicken and many of his friends can't be measured by a ruler, unless you use the ruler over and over again and add up the number of times your ruler ruled!

Today, however, it is the small people we are going to talk about. Small enough to be measured by those tiny lines that are drawn on rulers.

You see, apart from the Koklokrom that you can see—which is a small town—there is another side of Koklokrom which is a big world to the ants and other small people that live in the cracks and the corners. Where you see a crack, they see a wide highway! A puddle of water is like a lake to them and they have to be careful not to drown in a raindrop. When it rains just a little, they remember it for a long time with a story that is like that of Noah's Ark!