King of the Cockroaches
The King of the Cockroaches is the dirtiest cockroach
KakaLika Kukaracha

His full name is KakaLika KukuRacha and he claims he is the king of all cockroaches, but everyone, particularly schoolchildren just calls him KakaLika. No one really knows why KakaLika is so jealous of Charley Chicken. KakaLika claims that Charley Chicken once tried to eat him up when no one was looking, but Charley Chicken says he could never think of eating a cockroach, especially one that has not been cooked. It annoys Charley Chicken that such a tiny puny insect has the audacity to challenge him at everything he tries to do and always comes up with ideas that go against Charley Chicken's plans...

KakaLika is full of mischief when he is in a good mood, but most of the time he is just full of terrible spite. When it came to time to elect a mayor for Koklokrom, KakaLika stood against the obvious choice

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