The Map
A map is an easy way to get the big picture—after all, if you don't know where you are going how would you know when you get there?
Charley Chicken

Now, before I go any further, I had better think of where I’m going. I’m sure everyone could save a lot of time if we all took a little time to think of where we are going. I know some people who start going before they know where they’re going, you know?

Learning Stories
Koku Dotse
Date Published

Kpu-cock! My mother Henrietta taught me when I was just out of my egg:

Just like flies!

Just like fishes!

They didn’t plan,

So now their hopes are wishes!

Kpu cock-cock-cock! It’s not a very good idea to start going before you know where you’re going. You can end up not going where you know, or not knowing where you go, or going where you don’t know… Ah, you know what I mean!

Kpu-cock! So! The best way of knowing where you’re going, is to have a map of where you are, with where you’re going, so you’ll know which way to go! Yes! If you don’t want to get lost, the best thing is to have a map. If you’re small on the ground, you can’t see around corners, and you can easily get lost. But if you can go high in the air like a bird, everything looks small and then you can see everything for a long way off. So you see a big place like Jiggin Valley become a small picture and you can see everywhere.

Yes, my friends, ock-ock-ock! A map is like a small picture of a big place. So you look at the small picture, to see the big picture, ock-ock!

Yep! I remember my old grand-pa the fighting fowl used to say! Look-at-the-small-picture-and-you-can-see-the-big-picture …

So! Let’s see, I want to go to the beautiful meadow, so, I’ll have to go down this road, called Feather Street, then when I get to the Forever Forest, I’ll turn left and walk all the way round the forest then I’ll be at the Beautiful Meadow. That’s the best way for me, ock-ock! I’ll soon be at the beautiful meadow.