A Clean Sweep part 2
General Cleaner had a solid back-up team! That is why General Cleaner was super-successful
The Clean Brigade
Koku Dotse
It is said that behind every successful man is a great woman. But did you know that behind every successful General there must also be good and capable lieutenants?  General Cleaner had a solid back-up team! That is why General Cleaner was super-successful, because not only did he have the great Bola Rina beside (not behind) him, he also had a crack team of dirt-destroyers.  HotRake, Scouros, Captain d'Vrooom,  Bojungles, Broomando, Dirty Hari, Whisxwish, and marching at their head, the very dignified OberSweeper.
A Clean Sweep ...part 2 of 3
The first time anyone saw BoJungles, he was coming down on a parachute. So there was very little known of him. What quickly became clear, however was that he was a Jungle-Dirt War Expert. He was well-trained in Rubbish Ambush and experienced in Dirt Diversion. He was a very serious-looking broom, but one thing that never failed to bring a smile to his face was when the talk turned to how to deploy troops to surround the enemy. The other Lieutenants listened respectfully when this Tactical Operations Expert broom was mapping out strategies to "Corner corner corner ... Corner! Corner!!! Corner the enemy!" .. and the enemy, of course, is always rubbish.
Captain d'Vroooom, so stylish!
Dirty Hari
With his fez and his ready stern smile, Hari was liked by the other brooms for his zealous attitude to cleanliness. That's right, unlike his name, Dirty Hari was very clean and insisted on sweeping his own space even five times a day! At the least sign of dirt he sprang into action with his war cry of "Dirty Haram!" ...and that is how he got his name.
The other brooms in the Clean Army were broomstick brooms or besoms. But Whisxwish was a whisk broom, also called a "hard-broom". Short, and without a handle, his eyes were hidden, just peeking out from the thickest part of a bunch of stripped palm-fronds tied together, you might be tempted to think he was just another odd-looking broom in the Clean Brigade but no! It wasn't just his weird name or his gently-does-it approach to dirt-busting.The secret is that Whisxswish was the chief of the Secret Internal Bureau of the Clean Army. You see, whilst the other Lieutenants enjoyed the glamour of working out-of-doors for all to see, Whixswish knew that the real indoor cleanups too, are a very important part of the business. He was well suited for multiple in-door and domestic jobs, his resume listed cobweb paratrooping, amphibious operations, and wet operations, though he never explained what that meant. He says it is quite disgusting. There is even a section on his file which has been blacked-out. Anytime Whisxswish is asked about it he just smiles. All that can be seen of the heading is "T***h-P***ing and ******** **** *******". It's not too clear but it seems that apart from being part of the War On Dirt, Whisxwish was deeply involved in clean-ups that are nobody's business.Even beyond this secret cover it is whispered sometimes that there is more to Whisxswish's story, because he has friends and relations planted deep in every home in the land so that they are the ones that hear everyone's secret. So Whisxswish's secret cover even seems to be a secret cover! General Cleaner normally leaves Whixswish alone to handle interior affairs because he struggles to pronounce "Whixswish" when issuing commands, and dreads the thought of having to sing a song with Whisxswish's name in it. That's how the wise 'Old General avoided an issue that would have left him tongue-tied!