Bola and Rubbish go Together part 2
Bola Rina was a dustbin who liked to eat garbage. 
Bola Rina
Koku Dotse
Under a shed, under some trees, in an old fairground, lying on her side was an old dustbin. She had been left lying there after someone had turned the fairground into a parking lot when people stopped coming to the fair. However, Bola Rina (yes, that was her name) was no ordinary dustbin... Bola Rina was a dustbin who liked to eat garbage. Many people think this means the same thing as liking garbage, but no, the opposite was true. Bola Rina rather disliked rubbish of all sorts—when it was in the wrong place. She was always with General Cleaner and they usually sang together as they kept the fairground clean!
Bola and Rubbish go Together part 2
The way Bola Rina saw it, rubbish started life as something useful. Something to hold your popcorn or something to wipe your feathers on after you finished eating. Bola Rina had thought about it long and hard. She had traced the rubbish back to when when it left the factories that made baby rubbish—it wasn't full-grown rubbish yet—that later on, grew into useful adult rubbish! Bola Rina thought of how this young rubbish grew older and moved away from home in trucks and on other wheels, and went to the big city and lived in a store for some time. Almost adult rubbish by now, they would eventually be called to Duty and many teen-aged rubbishes looked forward to answering the Call of Duty. You would hear a whirring noise followed by a ringing noise and you would be yanked up and peeled apart. Some of the rubbish had managed to tell Bola Rina how it felt to be forced to carry a huge amount of shopping.… these stories were a bit unbelievable to the growing teen-rubbishes slowly rising up to the top of the pile. They all chilled out on the shopping counter beside the cash register, and in the ever-shrinking pile, they often discussed what they thought duty was going to be like, until one day you were at the top of the pile and, Whoosh! … You were gone, Lifted-Up with a ripple of shimmering polythene and prepared for duty. The teens in the pile got these fabulous stories from The Tight-Lipped Ones. This kind of rebellious rubbish often clung too tightly together and when it was time for the cashier to open the polythene bag and load the shopping, they would have none of that! Some of them clung to The Next Bag in Line, and refused to Separate. Others kept their two halves stuck together. Mind you, the cashier who had by now calculated and rang up the bill after a brief whirr of the cash register was not ready to let a mere take-away bag stop the sale from going on.So the rebellious ‘Too Tight’ was cast down and those who floated back towards the pile told these unbelievable tales of being lifted high and being able to briefly see into all the aisles of the shopping center …Now you may be wondering why you are reading so much rubbish. Well, it’s all because Bola Rina had had much opportunity to get involved with rubbish and had come to understand rubbish better.