Gbevu Smiles Back
part 2.
Sly, cunning and full of mischief, Gbevu was always smiling.
Gbevu, Gbehaa and Gbemela
Rodius Rex
As flowers have bright colours and sweet scents to attract butterflies, birds and bees, so Gbevu had his smile. All smiles have the same shape but you should look closer. It was not always easy to see that Gbevu's smile was not the good kind of smile. Gbevu, you see, was always waiting for someone to fall into his trap. Chickens, little children, kind-hearted grown-ups, and other people who trusted without thinking twice were Gbevu’s specialty.
Gbevu Smiles Back ...part 2
A few people in Koklokrom still remembered Doc Duck, the dentist, who used to wonder why Gbevu’s teeth were such a brilliant white and kept inviting Gbevu to come over for a tooth check-up. Curiosity killed the cat and it proved unhealthy for the duck, too! Gbevu knew when and how to wait and he had waited until the day that the dentist’s assistant nurse had to go out of town to get her nose fixed (There was nothing really wrong with it, but sometimes people just want a new nose. If you had a nose like a duck you might understand Nurse Duck.) Duck that he was, the dentist had not checked his calendar and so he was alone with Gbevu that day … Afterwards Gbevu started a bad rumour that the assistant had ran off with the dentist's money and so Doc Duck had gone away to look for her. Now living in another town, the dentist's assistant had heard the rumours but she could not return to Koklokrom to deny them because apart from the bad name that Gbevu had engineered for her, her nose job had gone wrong. Now it is difficult enough protesting your innocence when you have an abnormal nose but if your nose now looks like a hose, people are busy staring and no one who is hearing is even listening to your version of the truth. Dentist Duck had been the only dentist in Koklokrom and everyone wondered why he had left town without telling anyone else. Gbevu just smiled. Now that the dentist and his assistant were gone to "goodness nose where”, he would joke, and now that there were more bad teeth in town, he offered to become "the tooth fairy for the little chicks and children of Koklokrom?” But Charley Chicken and the wiser elders of Koklokrom would have none of that …