GeeKnee Fowl is Here Today
Geeknee Fowl is here today, but how? ... yesterday he was so far away!
GeeKnee Fowl ... and a young pup
Rodius Rex
GeeKnee Fowl was a Tall Fowl, but he didn't stand too tall because he had a problem with his legs. If you want to split hairs and count feathers, the problem was actually with his knees. One couldn’t bend and the other couldn’t stay straight; when forced straight it would slowly but surely bend back.
GeeKnee Fowl is Here Today
You should remember that it is really poor-spirited of you to laugh at another's difficulty especially when it is a permanent disability. It is even not very kind to call someone disabled or any other belittling name. If you really must, you could describe such a person as being physically challenged, and if those words are too big for you, you can refer to them as 'a person living with a disability'.Now, one quiet Sunday afternoon as old GeeKnee was showing off his weakness to earn money, some arrogant young puppy was close by. As Geeknee’s leg folded this wicked pup who thought he had the sharpest ears in town pricked up his ears. He thought he could hear a whirring noise from Geeknee’s knee. Mind you, he was not the first to hear this noise. The difference was that the others who heard it were decent kinds of people and chose not to talk about it.But this young dog howled with laughter: “Ahahahaha! Your knee sounds like a door-spring going back to sleep after stretching”. It was very mean, but no one around could keep their face straight, just like GeeKnee’s knee, and those who had already been smiling stiffened their smiles just like GeeKnee's other knee.This young puppy was either born rude or became very rude from an early age and he never repented; the story has it that this puppy grew up into a rogue of a bush-dog and still lived around Koklokrom... The puppy went on “Geeeeeeeeeeee!” …your knee did ‘Geeeeeeee’” The thoughtless young hound was chased off, and not just because of his bad English, but from then on everyone just called the dear old fowl GeeKnee Fowl, which suited the old fowl just fine because he actually came from a faraway country called Guinea (which is pronounced just like 'Geeknee'). Another version of the story had it that when he had first come to town this fowl, to make a living with his disability, GeeKnee Fowl would ask for a coin or as he called them ‘a guinea” which is an old type of coin.  "Give an old fowl a geeknee, a geeknee for an old fowl, please!" And that is how the name got stuck. Or so they say.