Higgledy Jiggledy Piggledy
Pig Trouble
Gbevu, Gbehaa and Gbemela
Rodius Rex
Piggy would frown, but of course, Piggy was always frowning. Growing up, Piggy had been a cute little kid. He already had the kind of nose that attracted attention because his nose looked like he was breathing more than his fair share of the air.
Higgledy Jiggledy Piggledy
This breath-taking nose aside, Piggy would still have got more than his fair share of stares. He had not been born that way, but as Piggy grew, Piggy grew fond of food. Nature provided an appetite which grew unnatural as Piggy grew and finally Piggy just grew and grew until it seemed his back and his front were doing their best to distance themselves from one another. This embarrassing challenge had begun in early life, with his backside widening and his stomach broadening, but as Piggy grew older, the contest took on new dimensions. At first his body had only taken sides, with left and right racing to outgrow one another. But now, it also became a back-to-front competition and you could be sure: the more Piggy's body bloated, the more Gbevu gloated.  So poor Piggy was the butt of Gbevu’s cruel jokes and wise-cracks. Indeed it was Gbevu who started calling him Piggy until it became the name everyone else called him. Piggy’s mother who loved him dearly, no one knows why, had named him Higgledy-Jiggledy. Her husband, Boris D’Meadow claimed to have come from a good home but actually, he had been a bore of a boar, and she had hoped that a longer even more-dignified name would make her son less of a boor. It was very unfortunate that Higgledy-Jiggledy D'Meadow became a loser because Auntie D'Meadow (as she liked to be known) wanted him to be a winner, but really, with a name like Higgledy-Jiggledy it is already very difficult to get ahead …“ ... Higgledy-Jiggledy, my dear son, you know I love you more than anyone!” But H.J. D'Meadow was too angry to listen to his mother calling him. Why was she making so much fuss about some rubbish? Couldn’t he litter and make a mess whenever he wanted? So he pretended not to hear her and off he ran towards the swamps.