Higgledy Jiggledy Piggledy part 2
Pig Trouble
Gbevu, Gbehaa and Gbemela
Rodius Rex
Piggy would frown, but of course, Piggy was always frowning. Growing up, Piggy had been a cute little kid. He already had the kind of nose that attracted attention because his nose looked like he was breathing more than his fair share of the air.
Higgledy Jiggledy Piggledy part 2
It was not the first time he had run off like that. It was always cooler around the swamps if you didn’t mind the rotten air all around. There were some swamp dogs and other cool cats who hung around the swamps and he wanted to be admired and respected by these thugs, at least, even if he knew they were not very good people. Now, if the truth be told, Piggy had a healthy appetite. He swore that he ate half-portions half of the time but he never told how many portions he ate the rest of the time. So as much as Piggy insisted that he just didn’t have good genes, to put it simply, Piggy was heavy. Not fat, he insisted; “plump”, he’d tolerate and “generous” he loved. But the more delicate the description, the more over-stuffed Piggy looked.That is how Gbeha grew into a mean, selfish inconsiderate boor, who greedily hogged everything to himself and never shared. All Gbeha had to do to look less like a pig was just to behave less like a pig, but alas, Higgledy-Jiggledy never figured this out.So poor HJ (no, don't feel sorry for him just yet) was just tender meat for a scalding bully like Gbevu who soon added the name Piggledy, and soon taught everyone to call Higgledy-Jiggledy Higgledy-Jiggledy-Piggledy. After a while, to make even more fun of his shorter friend, Gbevu would say “let’s just call him Piggy, for short”. This was typical Gbevu misbehaviour. Just imagine that, making somebody’s name longer and then being the very person to “helpfully” find a shorter, even more cruel name.