How Gbemela Lost his Down part 2
Gbemela is human. Or at least he once was! Now he is just different . . .
Gbevu, Gbehaa and Gbemela
Rodius Rex
Gbemela was different. Though Gbevu and Gbeha were really animals deep down, Gbemela was human, or at least he was once. He still looked kind of human, but he had become a very backward kind of person.  A lifetime of behaving like a beast had made him gradually lose his sense of civilization, and now after hanging around Gbevu and Gbeha for far too long, Gbemela could barely remember to talk like a proper person. However when the other two Bush boys really needed to get their points across, they depended on Gbemela to do the translation so that other people could understand them.
How Gbemela Lost his Down...part 2 of 3
He tried following Gbevu, but his legs were still too fresh for the scratchy plants of the Koklokrom Forest so he had to stop. What a great guy he thought to himself. That nice bushy tail ... Perhaps you are not allowed to wear jeans in Koklokrom Forest if you don't have a tail, Gbemela figured. Hmmmm! Well, his legs felt cooler in the breeze he thought and his white underwear matched better with his white shirt than those blue jeans ever did.So Gbemela stood there convincing himself that things were not all that bad.

It was not too long until Piggledy-Higgledy-Jiggledy D'Meadow waddled over. He had heard Gbevu's delighted howls from afar and wondered what all the joy was about.A lot of grunting later, Gbemela managed to convey to Gbeha what had just happened. Of course Gbeha started laughing, his naked stomach jiggling all over the place. Gbemela tried to figure out why Gbeha was laughing, but Gbeha thought fast.

Waving his trotters about and turning around, Gbeha shook his large backside to show Gbemela how he funny he looked wearing a shirt without trousers. Using a lot of grunts and gestures, he let Gbemela know that he would look better if he took off the shirt as well.Now Gbemela was getting worried. This mean looking person who looked like he never even smiled was actually laughing at him. Then, surely, everyone else would think that he was some kind of clown. But if they thought he was some kind of fool they didn't know that he, Gbemela had a little sense at least.