Not so Terrible
He sounds fearful but is he really Terrible?
Taribo Tygah
Rodius Rex
Terrible Tiger was one of the most misunderstood characters in Koklokrom. He lives near the Flower sisters and they often heard these terrible roars from deep in his house so everyone thought he was a permanently angry person.
Not so Terrible
To make matters worse, Taribo had such a terrible name, or at least that is what the three sisters thought. What really happened is that one day, someone was delivering a package to Mr. T. Tygah and not surprisingly had got more than a little lost, since there was no name post in front of that particular house. So he saw the three girls playing nearby and asked for directions to that house number. They could have just told him to go over to the house nearby, but Red Rose who is always curious had plucked up courage and gone to ask the courier: "what is the name on the package?" And the delivery guy innocently answered: "Taribo Tygah". Now, that filled the girls with such dread and terror, because they thought they heard the name as "Terrible Tiger". Brrrrr! What a scary person!The girls hid behind a hedge and watched as the courier knocked at Taribo's house. All they saw was a big muscular paw come out and grab the package and then the door slammed shut again. They turned to each other in shock and silently mouthed to one another: "What a nasty person". But if they had kept watching they would have seen the door open even before the courier left and the same paw came out and gave the courier a heap of coins, which was a very welcome gift for the courier who needed money to fix his teeth which had got loose after he fell off his motor-bike when he had to brake hard after a dog chasing a pig had suddenly ran across the road just in front of him. But that's another story!