The Beat that Cannot be Beaten part 2
This is the drum that can't be beaten when it comes to talking . . . and he has other tricks up his trunk!
Ffffontonfffrom the Talking Drum
Rodius Rex
Ffffontonfffrom is a mystical living drum that was found wandering around the Koklokrom forest. A guerilla broom in General Cleaner's network had brought the earliest reports of “a strange fellow that hangs about in the forest … talks a lot ”. However, forest guerilla brooms are not very talkative people so it was difficult to understand just what he meant. Later on, other people said they had heard someone in the bushes talking and talking. Some even thought it was two people having an argument but later on it was agreed that it was all really just one voice.
The Beat that Cannot be Beaten part 2
One day in Koklokrom, the people decided that they needed someone to be their leader. Some people wanted General Cleaner to be their leader because he was the oldest. The three Sisters had insisted that if it could be General Cleaner, then“it should be Bola Rina because she could pick up the most rubbish.”But others had wanted Professor Poppycock because he had learnt the most. One person had even suggested that they should let Jealous Duck do the job otherwise he’d make things too difficult for everyone else. But then someone shouted "Charley Chicken". After that many other people agreed, saying“Yes! Yes! Charley Chicken”. Then to everyone’s surprise, up flew KakaLika, the cockroach. No one knows just where KakaLika comes from. Landing on top of the microphone that Taribo Tygah had made he shouted “KakaLika! KakaLika”. And he now insisted that he could be a better leader than Charley Chicken. KakaLika then started talking a lot and saying a lot of bad things about General Cleaner and Bola Rina. And then went on to talk of how Charley Chicken liked banku too much and would sleep on the job, while he, KakaLika would be up all night running around. He talked for quite a long time until someone (maybe just wanted it all to end so that everyone could go home) shouted “Yes, let KakaLika do it”. With this little support, KakaLika became bolder and flew and landed right on Charley Chicken’s beak. Now Charley Chicken is normally a very calm person, but having a cockroach calling you names is one thing, and to have a cockroach do a war dance on your beak is quite another. He flapped a few feathers at KakaLika who screamed as if he was being squashed. People thought Charley Chicken had finally finished KakaLika and there was a bit of pushing and shoving. Things were building up into a big fight until the Talking Drum sprang into action.Jumping up, he began to play a throbbing beat on his head, and chanting all the while. Everyone stopped to listen and then found that they could not do anything but leave their quarrel and march and dance to the beat of Ffffontonfffrom the Talking Drum. After some time he stopped the beat and everyone gradually came to their senses, and of course they did not want to fight anymore. They were too tired, for one thing and on the other hand they had seen KakaLika KukaRacha, King of the Cockroaches very much alive and kicking, marching to the beat like everyone else. He was even flapping to the rhythm with his wings and antennae.