The Beat that Cannot be Beaten part 3
This is the drum that can't be beaten when it comes to talking . . . and he has other tricks up his trunk!
Ffffontonfffrom the Talking Drum
Rodius Rex
Ffffontonfffrom is a mystical living drum that was found wandering around the Koklokrom forest. A guerilla broom in General Cleaner's network had brought the earliest reports of “a strange fellow that hangs about in the forest … talks a lot ”. However, forest guerilla brooms are not very talkative people so it was difficult to understand just what he meant. Later on, other people said they had heard someone in the bushes talking and talking. Some even thought it was two people having an argument but later on it was agreed that it was all really just one voice.
The Beat that Cannot be Beaten part 3
And then Ffffontonfffrom said, clear as a bell without a trace of a stammer for once: “you see, you people say I talk too much, huh? Isn’t it better to talk than to fight?” And everyone just laughed and smiled, apart from KakaLika who smiled only when everyone else was upset.

Maybe you’ll want to know the words that Ffffontonfffrom’was chanting. What did he say that was so powerful? Or maybe you’ll want to know what happened when they went ahead to choose their leader. That is a story for another day, but for now, you can read the words that Ffffontonfffrom chanted:

This is the beat this is the beat.
This is the beat that all must follow
coming from high or coming from low
Whether they’re green or whether they’re grey
This is the beat that all must obey
Swim like a fish or fly like a dove
This is the beat of peace and love
No way for bloodshed in our valley
This is the beat for all to rally
Fighting for land or Fighting to be grand
Being the bully or taking a stand
No drop of blood-shed on our land

And to this, Charley Chicken answered: "Talk-a-Doodle-Doo"