We are the Musky Toes part 2
They can smell blood . . . and cheesy feet!
Musky Toes
Rodius Rex
The Musky toes are an all-girl singing band. Every last one of them is blood-thirsty. Quite small and very slender, (mosquito-sized, actually) they make up for their small size by being very crafty and stealthy. They are very good at sneaking into places where they are not wanted, especially around people's legs... They can smell blood in someone's skin from miles away and track it down. They don't mind that it is someone's blood in the person's own skin. "Aw, come on ..." they'd say "... just look at how small we are! How much blood can we really drink"?
We are the Musky Toes part 2
They'd put up quite a show and the people organizing the gathering would happily congratulate one another for having been so lucky to get such an acrobatic set of performers. Did it really matter if everyone who really wanted to watch had to hold a magnifying glass or telescope to see the performers? Since most of these gatherings were free events, nobody could really complain. They just faced the music and listened to the Musky Toes singing into their ears.These mosquitoes would start singing sweet songs until everyone fell asleep, usually just lying about on benches and chairs where the gathering had taken place. And that's when the real show would begin. Many blood-suckers would just rush in and start biting the first legs that they came across. But the Musky Toes had spent a long time drinking the blood of some wise women who knew everything under the sun and perhaps that is why the Musky Toes were now smart blood-suckers. They knew that if they just bit away someone might wake up and alert all the rest of the audience. So the tiny crooks had learnt how to find out who in the crowd happened to be the deepest sleepers. The best way, they had found, was to get right up into the ears of their victims and start singing softly and then gradually raising the volume. The light sleepers would give themselves away by slapping at their own ears before the song got too loud. These light sleepers were reserved for the final funeral bites. But the deepest sleepers would not even move even when the Musky Toe anthem was screamed into their ear. These deep sleepers got the first bites of the night and gradually the Musky Toes would sample all the blood that they could get. The 'Toes enjoyed mixing blood of different people and nationalities and seeing how the people behaved after they woke up. Once, just for laughs, they had bitten a Chinese man, sucking quite a lot of blood and then biting an Englishman, they had pumped this poor man full of Chinese blood. When he woke up itching and scratching from the painful injections, he had tried to say "ouch" like English men do but the overdose of Chinese blood affected him and all that could come out was "chow"! That had made the Musky Toes laugh so hard that they coughed up all the blood they had sucked. But then they’d just go ahead and get more blood!